student projects

I am always glad to advise motivated students on independent research projects. If you find any topics listed below interesting, or if you have some cool ideas in your mind, simply send me an Email with your CV and transcripts.


  • currently not available


  • Differentiable Robot Dynamics (with Vincent Lu)

    The goal of this project is to implement forward/inverse dynamics algorithms (ABA/RNEA) that are auto-differentiable with respect to the model parameters (link geometry/mass/inertia) and the generalized coordinates/velocities/accelerations using Pytorch or JAX. Such models allow convenient system identification via Gradient Descent while being able to provide uncertainty estimates when trained in ensembles. If time permits, students can also integrate such models into a reinforcement learning framework to simultaneously learn policies and interpretable robot dynamics models.

    Prerequisites: Python, Robotics, Multivariable Calculus